About The Penis Poster

Men love their penises. That's a fact, and we get it. Actually, we encourage it. Everyone should love themselves and their body. It’s our fundamental right.

However, out of this self love has arisen a less welcome phenomenon known as "dick pics". Men's penile pride has led to a seemingly uncontrollable need to have their penises on display. Consequently, many social media users have been the unsuspecting recipients of these unwanted dick pics in their inboxes. The sending of unsolicited dick pics needs to stop.

Luckily, we have the solution. We call it The Penis Poster. For the first time, now men can decorate their wall with their penis in 1:1 scale, rather than blowing up people’s inboxes with it. With our customizer, men everywhere can design their poster according to their attributes down there. We have a penis poster for everyone. Every poster is custom made, which means that when you order a poster, one of our designers sits down with your specific customization and make your penis come to life.

Any exceeds from this project will be donated to the HeForShe initiative*. Read more about their incredible work at HeForShe.org. The Penis Poster is a natural outlet for men who want to show their penis, and at the same time every purchase will contribute to the gender equality movement.

Behind the project is a group of passionate people from Gothenburg, Sweden, who believe in and fight for gender equality. 

*The Penis Poster is not in any way affiliated with HeForShe.